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Advanced lessons for Adults are focused on advanced dance techniques, advanced leading and following skills, complex expression of the rhythm, improved partner dancing abilities and complex choreographies of the specific dances.

These Advanced lessons will teach you the very unique dancing skills which will help you dance with a partner on higher level. After finishing Advanced lessons you will be pretty much confident about your dancing and be prepared to dance on different situations and occasions.

The dances that are covered with these courses are:

  • Salsa,
  • Argentine Tango,
  • Samba,
  • Cha cha,
  • Rumba,
  • Waltz,
  • Jive,
  • Disco fox,
  • English Waltz,
  • Slow fox,
  • Merengue,
  • Bachata,
  • Quickstep,
  • Paso Doble and much more…
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  • LOCATIONS: Center, Karposh, Aerodrom
  • Tel: ++389 71 34 64 53

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